Kenneth Morris Lee

Printing MacOS Custom Paper Sizes in Print-Tool 2

Instructions for Print-Tool 1, click here

Here's how to configure MacOS for Print-Tool 2 to print on paper of non-standard sizes. Special thanks to Walker Blackwell of

This image is 7 x 16, a non-standard ratio. To print this image with a 1/2 inch border, we will need to cut our 11x17 inch paper to 8x17 inches.

Note: we don't want to trim the print after printing: it can get sratched or damaged. It's easier and safer to trim the paper before printing.

Now let's configure a custom paper size of 8x17 inches:

  1. Click on Paper and Print Settings...

  2. Click on Paper Size.

  3. Click on Manage Custom Sizes.

  4. Click on to specify a new custom size.

  5. A new custom size will be created with the name Untitled.
    Double-click on the name and change it to the name of the new custom size.

  6. Specify the new size using width as the small dimension and height as the long dimension.
    Make sure that all the border sizes are the same.

  7. Now we print the image.

  8. We get a perfect 1/2 inch border. With Piezography Pro we have applied a continuously blended variable tone: the darker values have a rich brown cast while the higher values transition seamlessly to neutral.

Now let's make a 10x16 inch print on 11x17 inch paper:

We get a perfect 1/2 inch border all around. With Piezography Pro we have applied a slightly more neutral blended variable tone to suit to the image.

Here's another print with blended tones: 12x15 inches on 13x16 inch paper.
Below the print is a fragment of a grayscale image for reference.